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What Are Dietary Supplements?

All you need to know about health supplements.

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About Health Supplements

Do you ever wonder why there is a sharp increase in the consumption rate of dietary supplements? The answer is simple: the global health crisis has made people more health-conscious. The rise in the sale of supplements by different retailers signaled a nutrition gap caused by the consumption of an unbalanced diet. Today the food market is full of less nutritious food products. This paper intends to guide you on the benefits of health supplements. 

Below are the common supplements included and their benefits.


Vitamin supplements come in various forms, such as tablets, capsules, powders and liquids (drinks).


Each mineral supplement plays a special role in maintaining a healthy working system in our body.

Botanicals or herbs

Botanical dietary supplements are derived from plants, plant parts or extracts.

Botanical compounds

These products are the most effective supplements for treating and curing various diseases and illnesses.

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