Easy-Does-It: Slow Dancing in a Niagara Wedding

Come to think of it, dancing can give you goose bumps, even in theNiagara region. It would seem all eyes point to no other direction but towards you. However, with these baby steps, we’re confident you’d be dancing in no time at all – even if you have two-left feet.

Of course, starting with slow dancing is best.

Grab a Partner

This one is the easiest. Get hold of a partner to grace your first dance. No need to go classy, start with somebody who can’t refuse you (e.g., a cousin, a friend or even your grandmother).

Position Matters

Now, make sure you stand 6 inches apart from each other. That’s about half the length of an ordinary ruler. Don’t carry it too far though as you’d look like you have bad breath. The arms of the man should go around the waist of the woman. In turn, the woman could rest her hands on the man’s neck.

Another option for the man would be resting his hand on the small of her back while holding her other hand. However if you are a most-adventurous type and partner with the same sex, you may have to do some role-playing.

Slow Does It

To start, go side to side. Swaying back and forth is perfectly ok. You don’t have to do much; standing with the least amount of movement is good enough.

And for added fun, shake things up a little bit. Doing an unexpected turn right in the middle of the dance can create a welcome addition.

Just one word of wisdom though: Learn to observe tempo. Increase a little of your movements if the beat goes a little faster.

And if you want to appear gung-ho, taking some dance lessons weeks before the wedding can certainly pay off. Not only will the hosts hold you in high-esteem, the ladies will love you for it.

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