Three Unique Bridal Shower Ideas

Her Wedding PlannerBridal showers prep you for your wedding day. Why not make them as unique as you are? Here are 3 ideas worth looking into for your wedding in Niagara:


  • Get de-stressed: Jump into a Yoga Shower
  • Let all the blissfulness in. Breathe the calmness. Yoga sessions offer a relaxing way to enjoy time. Good thing is you can even to this at home. If you choose to. Or in a traditional yoga studio.
  • Throw in some healthy snacks (veggies would do) and healthy fresh fruit drinks and you’re ready to go. Not only will you get to have a method to relax on days leading to your wedding, you save time and energy. Just don’t forget to hire an instructor and internalize your ‘namastes’.
  • Try sports: Get a Bowling Shower
  • Get all those energy focused on that running ball. You’ll get your entourage in high spirits throwing what seems like a small cannon ball. No need of décor. Pay up and hitting those pinballs is all yours.
  • What’s more. Taste those cheesy fried delights common in many bowling alleys. And a can of beer perhaps.
  • Get comfy: Have a Spa Shower
  • Here’s another relaxing treat. No need to do petit fours though or do numbered breathing. A couple of  aestheticians can attend to your crowd and make them comfy. Or bring the whole group to a spa.
  • Word of warning though: For guests who’d go for facials, make sure your shower is not too near the wedding day. Nobody wants to appear blotchy in the photo-ops.
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