Three Steps to Keeping Your Wedding Budget-Friendly

Her Wedding PlanYou will be amazed at how thinking right can save you a fortune for your wedding day in Niagara. It all starts with a decision, of course (as most important things do). However, choosing to keep your ‘big day’ within a financial limit could be your best decision yet – and start your years right. Here are 3 important nuggets to achieving specifically that:


1.  Decide first on your budget before you look into what you want.   True this is your fairytale day. But it need not be your day of ruin too.  To note, debt is one of the most common reason marriages end up broken.


So do not look at those designer shoes first or those fancy wedding dress. Settle on how much cash you are willing to part with first; then work within your budget. To a certain degree, a well-planned picnic with friends could be as memorable as an expensive blingy bash.


2.  Prioritize different areas of your wedding. Needless to say, this should be a joint effort between you and your fiancée. List down all those things that you will have to spend upon and prioritize. Do away with the fancy and stick to the necessities. For instance, a fancy wedding cake is nice but it may be too much if it eats a large portion of your venue costs.


3.   Memories are forever but a house can give you shelter. Chasing your ‘dream wedding’ can be very damaging to your early years as a couple.

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