Maid of Honor 101

Her Wedding PlannerIf we are to zero down on that one person that helps you make your great wedding happen, it would have to fall on the lap of your maid of honor – second to your partner-to-be of course.  Although tasks can vary, here’s a rundown on the great things your maid of honor can do for you on your ‘day of blessed union’ in Niagara.


1.  Wedding dress. She can help you get the one that’s just right for you.  Aside from this, what she has to say can help straighten things out and finalize the ‘look’ of your whole bridal party.


2.  Coordination. She’s a go-to person (second only to you) as to the where’s and when’s of your wedding (e.g. fittings, rehearsals).  She keeps the entourage on time for your wedding and make sure everybody knows what to bring on the big day.


3.  Pre-wedding parties. The maid of honor throws the bridal shower for you and the bachelorette party.  In this sense, her expenses can really add up so choosing the right candidate – financially – could be timely.  However, other financial arrangements like pooling resources with the rest of the bridesmaids or with you have also been observed.


4.  Get her bridesmaid dress and wedding gift in time for the celebration.


5.  Big-day duties. The maid of honor helps you dress up.  She walks in front of you when you walk down the aisle and make sure you are at your best in front of the altar of marriage.  Most importantly, this lady signs your marriage license.


And if that is not enough, your maid of honor handles interference for you during your reception.


To a large extent, your maid of honor makes your journey down the aisle a lot hassle-free than you could imagine. P icking a great one can go a long way (in pictures and in video) to a great wedding in Niagara – making your star shine even brighter when it matters most.

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