Zeroing in on Mr. Right

It’s every girl’s dream: Walking down the aisle in Niagara with Mr. Right waiting to meet you halfway. Who would not want that?

Perhaps a deeper question would be: How are you to make it happen?

For before wedding bells would be a-ringing, first and foremost, you got to land yourself your man. Sounds like a tall order.

Plenty of Fishes in the Ocean

Now, unless you are living in Mt. Rushmore or cloistered in an abbey, your chances are plenty. Assuming, of course, that you know what – or to be precise who – you are looking for.

To add, proponents of the Law of Attraction as immortalized by Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” may wave in unison in approval.

Like Begets Like

This may have to do more with yourself as a person rather than the person that you want in your life.

People of the same interests are more likely to end up together. And like a school of fishes, common interests provide a good breeding ground for love interests.

For instance, it is no coincidence that tennis stars get to find tennis stars of the opposite sex attractive and end up together. Or for that matter rock stars. A recent example would be the wedding of Avril Lavigne to another rock superstar Mr. Chad Kroeger of Nickelback.

For you then, to get Mr. Right you may have to dig deep within yourself and look for what really interests you. In short: Get a life.

Dive In but Don’t Be Desperate

Before you get to The One you will have to meet plenty of prospects. Gold is the end-product after you separate dirt from what is essential.

Go over blind dates, or ask friends to set you up. You are not dating because you want a mate, you are dating because you want to know if he has the qualities you are looking for in a mate.

It is when you feel you have options to spare that you get to be in a better position to land Mr. Right. In turn, Mr. Right, wanting to best everybody in your circle, may have no choice but to be Mr. Right Now.

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