Wedding in an Apple Store

The Apple Store in 5th Avenue

The Apple Store at 5th Avenue

It would probably go down in history as one of the geekiest weddings ever. A couple from the United States got married in an Apple Store.

It was midnight of Valentine’s Day when Josh and Ting Li, together with their pet Shiba Inu, got married at an Apple Store at 5th Avenue in New York City. Wearing their splendid wedding attires, the couple walked down the spiral staircase with their 20 guests.

In front of bewildered late night shoppers and Apple Store staff, a guy dressed like Steve Jobs, Henry Hu, declared Josh and Ting Li husband and wife while wearing a black turtleneck and jeans; He read the wedding vows via his iPhone.

Stephanie, Hu’s girlfriends who was also a bridesmaid, captured parts of the whole wedding ceremony and uploaded it on YouTube.

The only part of the wedding that didn’t go as planned was when the couple’s dog, Shio, refused to deliver the wedding rings which were attached to its collar and tied to an iPod.

Hu said in a telephone interview that the whole ceremony was easier than he thought it would be. Furthermore, the couple refused television interview requests. According to Hu, they didn’t want a lot of press coverage because the wedding meant a lot to them.

The couple claimed that their relationship bloomed when they met each other while they were shopping for iPods at the same store.

So for those couples who are looking for their perfect wedding venues in Niagara, this just goes to show that sometimes it’s the sentimental value of the place that counts, not its lavishness.

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