The Supernatural Wedding of Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese

Supernatural TV Series

Supernatural TV Series

Our favorite stud from the TV series ‘Supernatural’ is finally married. Less than two months after the confirmation of his engagement, Jared Padalecki has walked the church isle with his one-time costar and onscreen romance: Genevieve Cortese.

27-year-old Padalecki and Cortese got married in the bride’s hometown in Idaho, on February 27. Both of the couple’s real and fictional families showed up for the event.

Jeffrey, Padalecki’s older brother in real life, served as the wedding’s best man while his “brother” in the TV series, Jensen Ackles, served as a groomsman. This data is according to the couple’s leaked page in their password-protected internet wedding site. The site also stated that there were several other relatives from both of the couple’s side who attended the covert celebration.

Padalecki and Cortese met way back in 2008 on the set of Supernatural when Cortese guested for 11 episodes as Ruby, a seductive evil demon.

Supernatural is an American TV series about two brothers who haunt demons and other forces of the paranormal. Since its debut on September 13, 2005, they have been filming the series in Vancouver, British Columbia. Unfortunately, Padalecki did not hold his wedding in Canada too. A wedding in Niagara Falls would have been appealing to all their Canadian fans.

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