Popularity of Supplements

The consumption of dietary supplements has skyrocketed in the past years due to minimal regulation on the use of dietary supplements, which essentially implies zero or negligible prescriptions for the products. The popularity and uptake of dietary supplements will continue to rise because of the following factors. 
• People are becoming more health-conscious due to the global health crisis caused by the high production of unnourished packaged food. And so, to bridge the gap, the majority are going for supplements.
• Heightened supplement testing and quality assurance which attracted many consumers due to the high level of confidence and trust built by the regulating policies. 
• The population is rapidly aging- Because of the aging population in the country, the demand for proper healthcare, long-term care, and social services is also expected to increase. 

Dietary supplements were introduced way back in the mid-20th century to bridge the gap created by the consumption of an unbalanced diet. The supplements are essential for your body’s function. They are manufactured and come in the form of a capsule, liquid, tablets, powder and softgel, among others. The common supplements include Vitamins, minerals and botanical herbs or compounds.

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