Even a Perfectly Planned Wedding Will Have its Share of Mishaps

It’s pretty safe to say that for dozens of years, millions of little girls from all over the world have fantasized on having that dream wedding, complete with flowers, colorful drapes, beautiful music, and a prince charming for a groom. And why not? Every blushing bride deserves her dream wedding. After all, you only get one chance to get married. Unless you’re Jennifer Lopez of course.

Wedding Mishaps Happen No Matter What

Your wedding fantasy however, may be out of reach, as planning for a wedding, and wedding ceremonies themselves for that matter, can be stressful – sometimes ending in disaster even.

That’s exactly what “Bride Ideas and Frock-ups”—a book that documents wedding nightmares—is all about. The coffee-contains a collection of disastrous wedding pictures complimented by anecdotes that will both scare and amuse those who are about to get married.

The people behind such a “vile” creation, you might ask? Top UK photographers Sim Canetty-Clarke and Amanda Lockhart—who are also fond of documenting picturesque weddings—decided to collect photos of nightmare weddings, compiling them into one humorous masterpiece. Social commentator Susannah Frieze also helped the duo in penning literary blurbs.

While the book may not be a hit among wedding hopefuls, some brides-to-be confess that the book serves as a helpful “do and don’t” guide on getting married.

According to the coffee-book’s creators, the tome is a reminder on the importance of not sweating the small stuff, and just going with the flow. According to them, many women get so caught up in pulling off their dream weddings; they often forget the real essence of the ceremony itself.

So there you go. If you know a bride-to-be, this book would make an excellent gift. Just remind her that you’re not out to scare her, but rather, you’re there to help her on her way.

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