Best Lighting Tips for Your Niagara Wedding!

Lights create mood. Nothing is truer than in your wedding reception (or honeymoon for that matter). However, your big event may need more than just a simple turning on of the switch. Below are helpful tips to achieve the right mood using the right play of lights.



1. Let the pros in. As tempting as it may be to DIY, unless you’ve mastered the craft, let the pros do their stuff. A little prodding can go a long way. Most coordinators or planners can get you the right pro.


2. Do your homework. Take time to visit your event location. Capturing its details in video via mobile or videocam would be a plus – most especially true for evening receptions.


Locate fixed lightings. Tables and dance floors should be the main focus. For instance, lights that illuminate windows, ceilings or walls tend to take people’s attention away from the center of the event. Lighting should facilitate conversation not dampen it.



3. Innovate. LED lights are very handy. You could use different colors to brighten your celebration. On one hand, gobos – a technical term for circular stencils placed over some light – are very effective in projecting your monograms, dates or motifs. Then again, nothing beats a focused beam or more popularly called as pin spots to highlight your wedding cakes or your stage.


Soft lights – like the flickering of a candle – are best suited for dinner time. Don’t get stuck with it though. Brighter lights awaken the spirit and get your guests ready for the dancing and the merrymaking that follows.

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