An Out-of-the-Box Wedding this Halloween

You may call them odd but this couple in Evansville, Indiana will tie the knot on Hallow’s Eve zombie-style. Forty year old Steve Williams and his wife-to-be thirty one year old Kenna Sims will get married in an old funeral home that has been converted to a haunted house.
The couple who are both fans of cheesy movies about the undead decided to have a Halloween wedding on Saturday. Sims is dressing up as the “zombie bride” with a long black and white dress along with a purple cape. Meanwhile, the groom will play the role of a “ghostly gentleman” in black and gray suit. The flower girl is dressing up as a witch. The presiding minister is a friend of the couple who agreed to participate as a headless character.
Wedding guests of the couple’s wedding will find themselves eating a brain-shaped cake perfect for the zombie couple.

Halloween weddings are now a trend among couples who decide to marry around the months of October and November. For some, it’s a wedding worth remembering since the costumes themselves add some spice to the ceremony.

Brides can dress up in an elegant gown of their choice dyed in black or red. Just add a dark colored cape, black veil and gloves, the bride can now look like as the stylish Morticca in the Addams Family. Grooms can still be in style by dressing up as the old-fashioned Dracula in black tuxedoes with red cummerbunds. A red-lined black cape with high collar will to the trick.
Perfect examples for Halloween wedding centerpieces are hollowed out gourds, small pumpkins, wrought-iron style candelabras and miniature tombstones with catchy epitaphs.
For the wedding entertainment, wedding planners can hire a fortune teller to give short readings to the guests while the DJ plays Halloween tracks like Ghostbusters and the Thriller on the background.

A well-planned and well-prepared Halloween wedding will surely not scare the guests away so get in touch with your preferred Niagara Falls wedding planner and know your options.

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