10 Simple Steps to a Budget Wedding in Niagara

Her Wedding PlannerMoney spent is money gone. If you are keen on getting the best way to save up on your wedding in Niagara, read on. Here are 10 easy-to-apply steps to make your ‘big day’ a success without eating a huge chunk in your savings.


1. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. Well, badgering – to a certain healthy level of course – can pay you huge dividends. Vendor prices are not etched in stone, anyway.


2. Cake size matters. In case you forgot, the bigger the cake the more expensive it becomes so scale it down to earn more saving points.


3. Use cheaper alternatives for your menu. You can get chicken or turkey for instance instead of serving more expensive meats.


4. Choose available in-season flowers or use plastic. Off-season flowers will cost you double so why get them. Instead utilize what’s available or use plastic -cheap and efficient.


5. Trim down on the alcohol spending. One of the areas where things could get out of hand is alcohol-consumption. When things get loud and the fun starts to set in, it is very hard to slow down. So, from the onset, set a limit to what is available. Use a ticket system if you have to.


6. Choose a location where you can bring alcohol in. If you can bring them in, then this translates to more savings for you.


7. Get a cheap location. To a certain extent, this one may need you to list down a wider set  of option but with resourcefulness you could be saving a whole lot more than more expensive options. Barn or a family member’s abode are good examples.


8. Skip buying a ‘bridal gown as they are pricey. Instead look into cheaper alternatives like bridesmaid gowns for instance.


9. Book your wedding off-season. Why book your wedding when everybody does and the services are much more expensive? Consider booking your wedding away from peak wedding months (i.e., April to early July).


10. Trim down your guest list. If you can do this, then you would have done one – if not the most – important way to save and get your money where it matters most.

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