Retail Store Gets Ransacked by Brides

wedding gowns

wedding gowns

1,392 wedding gowns disappeared in one minute last January 29 from the racks of Filene’s Basement. The Running of the Brides event, a one-day-sale at Filene’s basement, attracted clusters of bargain-looking brides who waited at the door eagerly in eleven-degree Columbus, Ohio weather. At different periods of the year, many sales like this one are held by Filene’s Basement all over its stores throughout America. Four hundred people, which are roughly the same as last year, came to take advantage of the event.

The event, often compared to Spain’s famous Running of the Bulls, started on 1947 from a one-day sale at the chain’s Boston store. According to Linda Weiss, she has done this event in Columbus for ten times already. She thinks that it’s a “fun and great thing” that pleases a lot of people.

The doors opened at 8 am. Hundreds of screaming and squealing women came rushing in and stripped the wedding gowns off the racks. They ran every corner of the store, grabbing as man gowns as they can. Everything happened in slightly under a minute. The brides removed their parkas and wore body suits, bike shorts, and workout bras as they fit themselves into the gowns. Some even stripped down to their bra and panties.

Not all the gowns get sold but a big percentage does sell, according to Weiss. The unsold gowns are forwarded to the Running of the Brides event. If an event like this should take place in Canada, one could only wonder how fast the gowns for the weddings in Niagara would disappear off the racks.

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