Price and Reid to be Married… Again

Price and Reid

Price and Reid

Alex Reid and Katie Price are allegedly planning a second wedding this June in order to earn money from television deals and magazines. In spite of their marriage in Las Vegas earlier this week, the duo is reportedly planning another wedding ceremony for this June.

The couple married in Las Vegas to get America’s attention, that is, according to News of the World.  Furthermore, News of the World said that the couple is hoping to earn £3 million from the coverage of this second wedding.

According to one source, the couple is desperate to gain American attention, and their wedding in Las Vegas was their means to an end.

The couple allegedly made a deal with ITV and a magazine for the coverage of the wedding which is worth £3 million. The wedding, which is due this summer, is expected to be massive. Reid and Price are now searching for the wedding venue; one candidate is in a pavilion near where Price lives in the Surrey area, but the couple hasn’t made a final decision yet. Perhaps they could have their wedding ceremony at Niagara Falls?

The insider said that Katie Price fears that she will lose everything she has worked for – especially now that her fame is in a downward spiral. In addition, the insider also said that Katie may be using Alex to revive her popularity.

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