Free Weddings for those who are in Service

Wedding for those in service
Marriage is a tough yet wonderful journey. If you and your partner are thinking of getting hitched as well, you’re probably worried about the costs, stress, and planning. You’re not alone, many couples out there break under the stress of getting married – with an unfortunate few calling things off before they’ve even begun.
Think you’re in for a hard and bumpy ride? Think again.

Military couples have it rough. In this time of war, most are apart for long periods of time, with the thought of not seeing each other again always in the back of their minds.

Don’t even mention marriage, military couples either never get the chance to get married, or don’t always get the chance to have the wedding they’ve always yearned for.

There are however, some lucky ones out there, like the couples hailing from Savannah Georgia. The Savannah wedding tourism council cooked up 34 ceremonies in all, in five different locations, all in the space of less than two hours. According to them, this was their way of giving back to those serving the country, as well as those they leave behind waiting.

For Sgt. Julius Moton and Shayla Hart, it was a dream come true.

“To see the bride walking down the aisle, my wife walk down the aisle,” said Sgt. First Class Julius Moton. “It was something unexplainable.”

Sgt. Moton found himself emotional and teary eyed, a testament to the fact that even the most hardened of soldiers can get caught up in the moment. There were others of course—34 pairs to be exact—who all walked down the aisle in Savannah, all for free, as part of Savannah’s Weddings for Warriors program.

Staff Sgt David Ligus remarked, “It means having a minister actually bless us with this. It means making my wife happy by giving her the wedding they wanted.”

While the ceremonies were not exactly what these couples had in mind, it didn’t matter to them at all. To them, it was a chance to have a real wedding with beautiful dresses, dress uniforms, and above all, friends and family.

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