Filling the Empty “Void”, Dream Weddings Come True

Ever Imagined Turning an Empty Space into a Dream Venue for your Wedding

Void deck weddings, usually thought of as bland, and easily forgettable are now making a comeback in Singapore. Thanks to the work of excellent wedding planners, void decks are now trumping the more expensive ballroom halls and hotels as wedding venues. A good wedding planner can really go a long way, more so if they are equipped with the right materials. A void deck can look unrecognizable as planners transform it into an elegant “hall”, complete with chandeliers, plush chairs, luxurious drapes and of course, flowers.

Void decks can also hold other events like birthday parties, large dinners and even funeral wakes. They are versatile enough to be used for many different occasions, even used as grocery stores, medical and dental clinics, and bakeries.
Masturah Esnaim, who operates Anggun Andamn wedding planners, was one of the first few who toyed with the concept of giving void decks stunning makeovers. According to her, the idea came about when hotels became too small for Malay weddings – these occasions can bring about 1000 to 2000 guests. Esnaim then thought of void decks, but states she was baffled as to how to make them look more presentable.

Fortunately, Masturah Esnaim had a brilliant stroke of inspiration; the wedding planner started draping void decks with plenty of fabrics. From concrete pillars covered in satin, to bicycle racks (which are common in void decks), to plain ordinary chairs covered in soft cloth, she found that the right fabrics add up to give void decks a profoundly different and charming look.

Of course, fabrics are not the only thing that comes in a revamped void deck. A chandelier that adorns the ceiling is a common feature that Esnaim brings to every void deck wedding.

Anggun Andamn does about 50 weddings each year, charging up to $30,000 to $70,000 SGD. With Masturah Esnaim and the other wedding planners who do their part to offer good value services at relatively low costs, expect void deck weddings to be more popular over the years to come and it may even reach the Niagara region sometime soon.

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