Making Your Honeymoon Last!

Her Wedding PlannerMany may think one’s honeymoon should last. And it should. But as in mostly anything, from a book down to a chair, it’s not quantity of time spent together that matters most but quality.


You could have a whirlwind romance and would want to top it all with trip around the world. But unless you have money to burn or the time to spare -we all have to get back to our everyday lives sometime- holding on to your savings is a wise decision.


A trip to the Bahamas or the Fiji Islands is nice no doubt. There is always that urge to start your new life as newlyweds in a dream destination. Yet having a well-planned honeymoon at a local vacation spot could also do the trick. So long as you bring the camera with you.


For instance, you could start your married life with something off-beat. This would not mean it is not memorable. Hopping into a motorbike, a borrowed Ducati perhaps, and going places together could be sweet. Roads may not be as welcoming but the important thing is you are starting together things – as one.


Why not plan an outdoor camping for two at Alice Lake for instance? Or have a week’s stay near Long Beach? These are a lot of places that you can explore without drawing a big hole in your wallet.


What it takes is a little advance planning and imagination. Or look no further: Niagara is not the honeymoon capital of the world for nothing!

Honeymoon Tester, the Best Job in the World!

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